3 Ways The Virgin Islands Music Entertainment Scene Is Growing

3 Ways The Virgin Islands Music Entertainment Scene Is Growing

By #Aftertainment on April 9, 2019

The Virgin Islands Music Entertainment Renaissance

Music in the US Virgin Islands is experiencing a renaissance in the form of new opportunities for artists to grow and network, new infrastructures and companies providing production, management and marketing as well as a new found community interest in the entertainment scene as a whole. Here are 3 ways things are growing fast.

Virgin Islands Music Entertainment Scene Improvements:

1. Unity & Networking

Virgin Islands Music Entertainment
#Aftertainment –Fusion Band Get On Music Video! 

Unity #GoingBananas.Tv There is a paradigm shift in the mentality of producers and creators in the music entertainment scene allowing for a great amount of partnering and networking. The industry has never worked together so effectively to provided consistent entertainment for the community. Out of this wave of collaboration many new business and ventures have formed opening new avenues and doors for not only the producers and creators to benefit but to serve the consumers and fans of the music entertainment scene better as well.

2. Showmanship and Live Performance

Showmanship #GoingBananas.Tv: Many music producers and vocal artists are now incorporating more live instruments into their performances bring more intimacy to their performances. In the past year we have seen many artist take the extra step to dedicate themselves in creating fully planned out stage shows with choreography, crowd engagements and other various premiums improving the experience music fans have at their events.. With more artist opting to do live unplugged performances as well the audiences are able to deeply connect with the artist directly thus building stronger fan – creator relationships.

3. Media Coverage and Promotion

Media Coverage #GoingBananas.Tv: The new found positive energy in the music scene has provided the push for the development of many new forms of media outlets in the territory. The hard work and talented skills of various outlets is now working collectively to bring the amazing content of the Virgin islands Music Entertainment scene more front facing in very effective mediums.

It is our hope to be an effective instrument in moving the scene forward. We are the Virgin islands Digital Media Auxiliary. #Aftertainment #CreativeIntelligence

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