#GoingBananas.Tv To Begin Roll Out On University of Virgin Islands Campus

UVI REC and Student Activities partnership to gradually introduce #GoingBananas.Tv platform into student body.

By #Aftertainment on April 14, 2019

#GoingBananas.Tv – UVI STX Campus Roll Out

A recent partnership between KGP Virgin Islands and Aftertainment™ is opening up an ongoing informative forum on the UVI campus REC building to implement a continual soft launch process, on-boarding users to the platform as both content curators and submission analyst. This effort is in conjunction with the educational and outreach arm of the KGPVI – Nyah Lyan Foundation Partnership. The open discussion will coincide with informative dialogue about the purpose and future of the platform as well as an in-depth understanding of the coding languages and data harnessing infrastructure in use on the application and web platform.

Sustainable Digital Economic Development

Aftertainment™ was built on foundational concepts found in pushing the envelopes of creativity. As a Brainchild of The Nyah Lyan Foundation the company is an integral part of the conceptual vision of developing a bustling digital economy in the US Virgin Islands. This is just the beginning.
#Aftertainment #CreativeIntelligence

It is our hope to be an effective instrument in moving the scene forward. We are the Virgin islands Digital Media Auxiliary.


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