Rotary Club of St. Croix President Elect at The 45th Annual P.E.T.S. Assembly In Kingston Jamaica – US Virgin Islands News Update.

Rotary Club of St. Croix President Elect at The 45th Annual P.E.T.S. Assembly In Kingston Jamaica – US Virgin Islands News Update.

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By #Aftertainment on May 6, 2019

The Rotary Club President Elect Training Seminar is a profoundly effective method of empowering and liberating future leaders in the global industry of humanitarian service.

This year’s experience was nothing short of an embodiment of the essence of ” Service Above Self” as we journey we Us Virgin Islands Rotary Club of St. Croix Vice President and President Elect along her journey of an experience at the 45th annual PETS. Her adventure takes her into the heart of Saint Mary’s Parish to work alongside community leaders and members of the Jamaican Peace Corps to assist in the improvement and upgrading of current water catchment systems serving the communities with the precious life resource.

Her methods of redirecting the flow of water, the means of separating the sediment through dual filtration conduit systems, the correlation of natural causes that effect the PH water quality levels and how to improve and properly measure it within their means. Her environmental engineering background came in as an integral part of deciding how and where to cut new trails to lay the PVC piping from the natural water source, miles back into the community. Sustainability is fostered through cooperative efforts united under the mission of selfless service to humanity. We embody this in every moment, and in every action that bares results reminiscent of the change we create by example, as well as inspire in others through collectivism that is resolute and all pervading.

Aftertainment™ was built on foundational concepts found in pushing the envelopes of creativity. As a Brainchild of The Nyah Lyan Foundation the company is an integral part of the conceptual vision of developing a bustling digital economy in the US Virgin Islands. This is just the beginning.
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It is our hope to be an effective instrument in moving the scene forward. We are the US Virgin islands Digital Media Auxiliary.


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